Free Furniture Disposal Collection Service

that you will Love

Everyone has unwanted furniture, which they want to get rid of but are unable to sell, taking space in homes, warehouses and offices.

At Yalla Junk It

We Collect Your Unwanted furniture For Free & Upcycle It

We Store it at our 15000 Sq Ft showroom Free of cost

We list it on our Free Online Market Place

When We Sell It, We Give You 20% Of The Sale Value

The Only Free Service in the UAE!


That pays you back!


Move your used furniture

to our Smart Storage for Free

Create instant space & earn cash from disposing items that you might have just given away


Call Now Yalla Junk It


Unable to sell?

Renovating & cannot wait

Moving out & not enough time left

Why Yalla Junk It?

Our Solution- Creating Instant Space with Cash Reward

Yalla Junk It is a FREE unwanted Furniture Collection service that is connected to our unique marketplace  (Think Upcycle). It is a FREE storage service with a real physical showroom and an online marketplace, allowing you to move your unwanted items to our showroom so you can enjoy the newly created space. Our white-glove team upcycles your junk and our dedicated sales team do the selling for you and we pay you back a flat 20% of the final sale price (excluding any service charges), once your item has been sold.

 We support sustainable living by upcycling your junk, giving a second life to them and rewarding you at the same time for being a good, responsible citizen.

Hassle Free Collection

Save time & money with our FREE collection service

Free Storage & Display

Physical showroom & Online Market place

Free Upcycling, a 2nd Life to things

Our white glove team upcycle your item and make it sellable

Super convenient & secure

Professional Sales team to manage & take care of selling

Environmental friendly & feel good factor

Help reduce the carbon foot print and support the UAE's 2030 Vision of sustainability

20% Cash back to you once its sold, as simple as that!

Once sold, collect in cash, vouchers or donate to our registered charities.

Money Saving

The Only Junk Removal service that pays you back

Why give away your Junk for Free? when you can earn from it! We collect your junk, upcycle it,  display it in our showroom, list it on our online market place, we negotiate a best price and give you 20% from the sale.

Burden Away

Taking all the burden away, a hassle free & rewarding service

We are all too familiar with how difficult it is to get rid of Junk! Awkward calls, waiting for someone to show up and then the negotiations!! We do just that for you once we collect your junk. Simple, Hassle-free and Rewarding.

Sustainable living with yalla junk it

Giving a 2nd life to things, supporting a sustainable living

We support affordable living by transforming your junk. Customers can view your upcycled items on our online market place, touch & feel at our showroom, negotiate best price with our sales team and enjoy your preloved item.

Our Humble Contribution to the community

We give away FREE clothes to those in need

Residents in the UAE are some of the most generous people on the planet. Our business is adding its 2 cents to serve all residents across the UAE.

Have unwanted clothes? Then have them washed, cleaned and give us a call, we will collect and display them in our showroom and let people in need take it for FREE! How amazing is that!

Have them washed

Have them ironed

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