The top junk removal items we took in 2022

You, as a homeowner, have a responsibility to educate yourself about the various methods of junk collection and the outcomes of each one. Not only is it important to know the different types of junk removal, but it is also important to know how to ensure that your junk removal is done in the correct manner. 

Every day, we collect hundreds upon hundreds of items from all over the UAE. The following is a list of items that are frequently brought to our attention by residents residing in the United Arab Emirates. 

These fall into one of five categories, with the exception of medical products and foods. 

  • Furniture 
  • Appliances 
  • Toys 
  • Clothes 
  • Unique Findings 

1. Furniture 

What we’ve found is that the vast majority of expats use products resembling those sold at IKEA, and the items most frequently give away are: 

  1. Sofa 
  2. Beds 
  3. Wardrobes 
  4. Chest of drawers
  5. Dining Table 

With local citizen of the UAE, categories remain same but the style and size vary. 

2. Appliances

Despite the fact that we have stopped collecting appliances, the majority of the time we are asked to collect either.

  1. Cooker or hob
  2. Fridge 
  3. Washing Machine 
  4. Clothes Drying Machine 
  5. The microwave oven 
  6. Vacuum cleaner 

Typically, if your appliance is in working condition then try to reach out to local registered charities so they can give this to a needy family. If you appliance is now in non working condition then contact local municipality such as Dubai muncipalty or Beeah Sharjah and they will be able to haul your appliance free of cost.

3. Toys 

  • Toys sold in boxes 
  • Baby walkers 
  • Stuffed animals 
  • Clothes and home furnishing

We get requests to collect the clothes; the following categories are the most popular ones: 

  1. Garments for infants 
  2. Garments for infants and toddlers 
  3. T-shirts
  4. Business attire 
  5. Curtains
  6. Blinds 
  7. Crockery
  8. Photo frames

Unique finding: 

We do, on occasion, come across unusual discoveries; some examples of these are hand-made numbered furniture, an electric jacuzzi, hand-made one-of-a-kind porcelain figures, hand-made silk carpets, custom-built pianos, and playground large-scale slides, to name just a few. 

If you have any medicines, you should get in touch with the Dubai Health Authority as soon as possible because they will be able to direct you on how to dispose of them correctly. If you have food that is already canned, you should contact the Dubai food bank so that they can arrange to collect the food from your home.

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