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We are in it for a bigger cause!
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Shared Happiness

We Are Passionate And Dedicated to Create a Better Future! Via our eco friendly Junk Collection and Upcyling Service

We moved to the UAE over a decade ago and, like many, when we came here we had limited funds to spend on getting everything up and running. We struggled to find a place where we could physically view and find some good quality used household items. 


Like many, over time, we also moved houses a number of times while in the UAE and faced many problems in selling off items that we no longer required.


Today most people are more cost-conscious especially with the ability to shop on-line and price compared from the comfort of their homes. But like many, when selling online,  we found it difficult to cope with non-serious buyers, unreasonable negotiations, privacy concerns to meet at the residence and the list goes on and on…

As a result, most of the time we ended up calling local waste management companies to offload our goods that we could not sell because storage was expensive.

We always felt that if someone can collect and refresh these unwanted items, store them and sell them for a small price,, it could help society and at the same time make living more sustainable. Unfortunately, it was difficult to find such an option


Initially, we started a Facebook group called “Give Get Switch” back in 2016 so that members of the community can give, get and switch things with each other. We gained several thousand members in the group within the first few months, which reflected the interest of the larger UAE community. That encouraged us to take the next step in further solving this problem and providing the residents of the UAE (locals and expats) with a first of a kind solution by establishing Think Upcycle Company with Yalla Junk It as a collection service.

As we scratched the surface to understand how big the problem was, we came to know some interesting facts!


Furthermore, as a way of giving back to the UAE community that we are a part of, we decided to offer Free Clothes give away service from our showroom to anyone who simply cannot afford it.


When we scratched the surface to understand how big the problem is? we came to know some interesting facts!
Consumers cutting back on their spend مستهلكون يسعون لتقليل النفقات0%
Consumers are looking for ways to save money. مستهلكون يبحثون عن طرق لتوفير المال0%
UAE has over 820K middle-income households متوسطي الدخل في الإمارات حوالي 820 ألف0%
Median age in the UAE is 33 years متوسط العمر في الإمارات 33 سنة0%
Average women have 103 clothes in her wardrobe متوسط ما تمتلكه المرأة حوالي 103 قطعة ملابس في خزانتها0%
Women only utilise their wardrobe استخدام النساء لخزانة الملابس فقط0%

Our Story

Who we are?

Our vision is to provide pocket friendly living to everyone. 

.Our mission is to bring happiness to everyone in the society, reduce environmental footprint and save things landing in landfill.

What we do?

We turn your junk into:

  • Affordable pocket easy buy for everyone in the UAE.
  • Social support buy helping UAE registered charities.
  • Recycle material & offer to waste management.

Why we do it?

Because we at Yalla Junk It believe in:

  • Provide a sustainable living environment by Giving 85% of the items that we receive a second life.
  • A shared economy & Value creation.
  • Making things affordable for everyone
  • Owning a huge responsibility to our future generations.
  • Giving back to the society.
Yalla Junk It allow you to sell your pre-loved unwanted items that have been Upcycled (refreshed or repurposed) by Think Upcycle (Our parent company). While your scratched and stained dining room table might not be a quick seller via facebook or dubizzle, we can make it a valuable item with a little bit of sanding, staining, and painting. Transforming your preloved junk into an art to sell faster!
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