We Are Driven And Committed To Creating A Better Future!

An endeavor began modestly by a husband and wife that grew into a full-fledged service. We relocated to the UAE over a decade ago and like many others, relocated several times throughout our time in the UAE and struggled to sell items we no longer needed.

As a result, we spent the majority of our time calling local waste disposal firms to dispose of items that we couldn’t sell owing to the high cost of storage.

We’ve always thought that if someone could gather and restore old items, store them, and sell them at a low cost, society would benefit while also making living more sustainable. Unfortunately, such an alternative was few.

We started the Facebook group in 2016 to allow community members to give, get, and exchange items with one another. Within a few months, the group had grown to thousands of members, reflecting the enthusiasm of the wider UAE community. That inspired us to take the next step in tackling this issue and giving a one-of-a-kind solution to UAE residents (both locals and expatriates) by launching Think Upcycle Company with Yalla Junk. It as a free junk and unwanted furniture collecting service.

Watch our Sustainable development goal Impact video that we presented at Expo Dubai 2020.

Yalla Junk It enables you to get rid of your unwanted items fast and easily. Items were upcycled and reintroduced into the society, forming part of a circular economy and giving you 20% of the sale price. We make your preloved items reloved.

Who We Are?

Our vision is to make affordable housing available to everyone.
Our objective is to promote happiness to everyone in society while also reducing our environmental footprint and preventing items from ending up in landfills.

What We Do?

We turn your junk into:

  1. Affordable pocket friendly furniture pieces for everyone across the UAE to buy and enjoy
  2. Social support by helping UAE registered charities.
  3. Recycle material & offer to waste management.

Why We Do It?

Because we at Yalla Junk It believe in:

  1. Provide a sustainable living environment by Giving 95% of the items that we receive a second life.
  2. A shared economy & Value creation.
  3. Making things affordable for everyone
  4. Owning a huge responsibility to our future generations.
  5. Giving back to society.

The 20% cashback offer is temporarily unavailable.